The Complete Guide to Proctorio Chrome Extension

Proctorio Chrome Extension: By forming new partnerships, adhering to regulatory requirements, and establishing examination conditions configurable by the exam administrator, the Proctorio chrome extension is devoted to the increase and protection of high education quality for candidates for situs rtp live slot gacor.

But how exactly the Chrome extension works and how can you make the best use of it? Here is a complete guide to using the Proctorio Chrome extension.

How does Proctorio work?

As part of its compatibility with assistive technologies, Proctorio supports the jaws, voiceover, NVDA, Chromevox, and Kurzweil3000. It allows examinators of examination to create an examination parameter. Examination administrators can contact participants to learn more about their specific needs.

Proctorio Chrome Extension

In addition, the proxy platform allows this level of personalization to meet the needs of users. Proctorio lives chat connections have an affiliation with several learning management systems that use third-party assessment platforms.

Proctorio is a combination of five distinct characteristics, they understand;

1. Online Proctoring

Proctorio has an automated or online proximity capacity. The computerized proximity is indeed a software function that eliminates the need for a live Proctor to monitor the candidates for exams.

It has adjustable recording parameters, as well as encryption of recorded records, personalized authentication options to identify test/examination candidates, and a personalized locking configuration to ensure that no external onboard device is accessible.

2. Lockdown 

This functionality maintains test candidates in the examination window during the test, preventing access to other materials.

3. Identity Verification

The identifiers verifying capacities help test administrators to check the IDs of candidates as well as maintain the integrity of the examination. Proctorio provides two methods to accomplish this: live and automated identification verification.

4. Plagiarism Check

Proctorio’s plagiarism verification tools exist simply to ensure the integrity of the evaluation. After the test, this plagiarism detection function generates a similarity measure. In the Speedrader of Canvas, users can obtain the similarity measure, which is calculated by corresponding to the text given with external sources. For the moment, however, this is only available via the Canvas learning management system.

5. Content Protection

Proctorio uses WebSweep to search on the Internet for requests or responses that appear elsewhere. When he detects correspondence, he informs the exam administrator. Using the “Report” option, the administrator can ensure that the material is deleted.

Minimum Prerequisites for Using Proctorio Chrome extension

For the successful use of the Proctorio Chrome extension platform in an examination, certain minimum requirements must be organized, these requirements include;

  • A device that should be compatible with Google Chrome
  • A device that connects to the Internet via a cellular network, a device hotspot, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet connection.
  • A microphone is required, followed by a webcam, which can be internal or external.

How to Start

To start using this platform, there are a few steps to follow, consider them.


Open a Compatible Internet Browser: when you are ready to take the proxy exam, you will need to install the Proctorio Chrome extension on all compatible browsers.

Please download all compatible browsers from the list below if it is not already installed.

  • Download Google Chrome
  • Download Microsoft Edge
  • Download Brave
  • Download Opera


Install Your Browser the Proctorio Chrome extension: Install the Proctorio Chrome browser extension to your browser. This procedure should only be completed once. The extension would be automatically updated.

Step 3

Pass Your Exam: Start your proxy exam by going to the learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, etc.) or a rating platform. Best wishes!

Suggestions When Using Proctorio Chrome Extension

All the administrators of the examination are obliged to communicate with potential candidates just before the examination to create an atmosphere of examination adapted to the specific needs of each candidate.

Examination administrators can respond to adaptation requests made by candidates at the level of the user, thanks to the customizable functionality of the platform.

In addition, users can choose a high-visibility mode throughout the pre-tests before the examination.

Advantages of the Proctorio Chrome Extension

Some of the pros received by users when using this platform are as follows;

  • It removes the factor of going to a physical location to pass an exam or a test.
  • Proctorio guarantees that the test is right.
  • It allows examinators to examine the security control.
  • Learning management software helps immediate alert of any doubtful behavior.

Disadvantages of the Proctorio Chrome Extension

There are some drawbacks to using this platform for exams. Some of these disadvantages with the use of proxy are;

  • Whatever Proctorio guarantees the authenticity of an examination, there is always the possibility of distractions. This can have an impact on the instructor’s confidence in the examination report.
  • There is a good case to do so as not to measure the control of specific courses because it focuses more on the memorization of the facts.
  • The use of Proctorio has raised privacy concerns.


The Proctorio chrome extension is an effective tool in different areas of academics. However, when selecting a remote proxy service, you must determine if the system meets not only your needs but is also able to help and improve your test process as a candidate.